6 Best Places to Sell Used Car Tires & Tips

The market for used car tires is steadily rising in the ever-evolving automotive world. With economic fluctuations and environmental concerns at the forefront, more and more consumers are turning to used tires as a cost-effective and environmentally conscious solution.

Proper tire disposal and recycling are vital for maintaining environmental integrity and allowing individuals to make extra cash.

This guide will explore the six best platforms where you can turn your used car tires into profit while contributing to a more sustainable world.

How To Prepare Your Car Tire Before Selling It

Before you sell your used car tires, it’s important to prepare them properly. This enhances their appeal to potential buyers and potentially increases their value. Here’s how to go about it:

1. Inspect the Tires:

The first step is to inspect the tires thoroughly for any damage. Look for any cuts, punctures, or bulges on the sidewall.

The tread should be even, and the minimum depth should be 1/16th inch. Remember, you can’t sell tires that are unsafe or illegal to use.

2. Clean the Tires:

Cleaning your tires will make them look more presentable to buyers. Use a tire cleaning spray or a mixture of warm water and dish soap.

Spray or apply the cleaner onto the tire and use a stiff-bristle brush to scrub away the dirt and grime, paying attention to the tread and sidewalls. After scrubbing, rinse off the cleaner with a hose and let the tire dry completely.

Check out my top pick for the best car tire cleaner here on Amazon! You can go the extra mile to put a shine on your used tire to make it more appealing using tire polish.

3. Take Clear Photos:

If you’re selling online, you’ll need clear, high-quality photos of the tires. Ensure the photos make the tread, sidewalls, and any brand or size markings visible.

4. Check Tire Pressure:

Ensure that the tire is inflated to the recommended pressure level, which can be found on the tire’s sidewall or in your car’s owner’s manual. This will help maintain the tire’s integrity and make it easier for potential buyers to transport it.

5. Remove Any Accessories:

If you have any accessories like wheel covers or tire sensors attached to the tire, remove them before selling. You can keep them for your next set of tires or sell them separately.

Remember that honesty is the best policy when selling used items. Disclose the true condition of the tires to potential buyers to build trust and avoid future disputes.

Online Marketplaces

1. Craigslist

As a frequent user of Craigslist, I have found that one of the best attributes of this platform is its ability to facilitate local transactions.

This can significantly reduce or eliminate shipping costs, making the deal more attractive to potential buyers.

I’ve been able to sell tires in less than a week just because the buyer was in the same city and could pick them up directly.

Creating an effective listing on Craigslist is simple. Start with detailed descriptions, including tire size, brand, tread life remaining, and why you’re selling them.

Remember to price them reasonably; after all, they are used tires. High-quality images from different angles are a must. A well-lit photo can distinguish between your tires sitting in the garage or turning into cash.

2. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace can be a gold mine for selling used items, including tires. With its wide user base, items listed on the marketplace can quickly reach thousands of potential buyers.

I recall when I posted a set of snow tires on the platform. To my surprise, I had inquiries pouring in within a couple of hours.

However, having a large audience is not enough. Clear and attractive product descriptions are vital. I make sure to include all the necessary information about the tires, such as size, brand, condition, and price.

I also like to add a personal touch by telling potential buyers why I’m selling the tires. A bit of transparency goes a long way in gaining trust!

3. eBay

EBay could be your perfect bet to tap into a broader market. I’ve sold tires to buyers hundreds of miles away, all thanks to eBay’s expansive reach.

However, with a larger market comes the challenge of shipping logistics. From my experience, it’s crucial to calculate your shipping costs accurately before listing the tires.

Consider factors like weight, distance, and packaging material. Remember, shipping costs can significantly impact your profit margins.

It’s always a good idea to consider offering free shipping and include the shipping cost in the list price instead. It’s a simple trick, but it can make your listing much more attractive!

Local Options

4. Local Tire Retailers and Shops

Local tire retailers can also be a great place to sell your used tires. I once sold a pair of semi-used, high-performance tires to a local garage.

I identified local tire retailers and garages interested in buying used tires to establish this collaboration. The easiest way to find out was by walking in and asking about their policies.

Many local tire shops always look for used tires in good condition. They often refurbish and resell these tires to customers looking for a more affordable option. In my case, I built a good relationship with the shop owner, making negotiating a fair price easier.

5. Auto Parts Stores

Auto parts stores can be another excellent avenue for selling used tires. However, this option can be tricky, as not all auto parts stores buy used products.

When I started exploring this avenue, I had to make a few calls and visits to understand their policies. I found the key was establishing a rapport with the store managers.

Once I did, they were more open to discussing the possibility of purchasing my tires. In a few cases, I also found that even if they didn’t buy the tires, they were willing to point me to other places that might.

So, even if it doesn’t result in a sale, it can expand your network and open up new opportunities.

6. Auto Repair Shops

Auto repair shops can be a goldmine when unloading your used tires. Let me take you back to when I successfully collaborated with a few local auto repair shops.

Benefits of Selling to Auto Repair Shops

When I sold my used tires to an auto repair shop, I realized it was more than a one-time deal.

Auto repair shops often look for used tires as they can be a budget-friendly alternative for their customers. This means a constant demand for what you’re selling – a win-win situation!

Maximizing Profit: Where You Get the Most Money

Influencing the Resale Value of Used Tires

Various factors influence the resale value of used tires. The most crucial one is the tire’s condition. I remember once when I was trying to sell a set of tires that were still in excellent condition, with ample tread left.

They fetched me a surprisingly good price compared to another set that was worn out. Other factors include the brand of the tires, their size, and the demand in the local market. Always bear these factors in mind when setting your resale price.

Strategies for Presenting Tires to Maximize Perceived Value

Presentation matters, even with used tires. I once had a set of tires stored in my garage for a while.

They were dusty and didn’t look appealing, but they were in good shape. Before trying to sell them, I cleaned them up and took clear, well-lit photos from different angles.

The buyer, a local repair shop owner, appreciated my professionalism and was willing to pay a higher price.

Negotiation Tips

  • Pricing and Negotiating with Buyers

Negotiation can be tricky, but it’s a skill well worth honing. I always start by researching my local market to understand the going rate for used tires similar to mine.

Then, I set a slightly higher asking price, giving me room to negotiate down. Remember, lowering your price during negotiations is easier than raising it!

  • Importance of Fair and Transparent Dealings

Transparency and fairness are not just ethical practices but also good business strategies. I remember a buyer skeptical about the condition of a set of tires I was selling.

I assured him they were in good condition, but he remained doubtful. To convince him, I suggested he take the tires to a mechanic for inspection.

He did, and the tires were indeed in good condition. That transparency earned me a loyal customer who bought several tires from me.

How Much Money Can Get From Used Car Tires?

The amount of money you can make from selling used car tires can vary widely based on several factors.

These include the brand of the tires, their condition, the type of vehicle they are made for, and the demand in the used tire market.

On average, used car tires sell for anywhere between $15 to $50 per tire, depending on their condition.

However, premium brand tires in excellent condition can fetch higher prices. It’s important to note that this is a rough estimate, and prices can fluctuate based on the abovementioned factors.

Always research your local market to get a clear understanding of what your used car tires could be worth.

Responsible Disposal Options

  • Tire Recycling Centers

When I cannot find a buyer for my used tires, I often turn to tire recycling centers.

These facilities are designed to handle the proper disposal of used tires and are a great choice for environmentally conscious individuals.

I usually do a quick online search to identify my local recycling facilities and contact them for their specific procedures.

  • Options for Environmentally Responsible Disposal

Over the years, I’ve discovered various options for environmentally responsible disposal of used tires.

For instance, I learned about a local community project that used old tires to create playground equipment.

It was a winning solution – the tires didn’t end up in a landfill, and the community gained a unique and fun playground for the kids.

  • Importance of Compliance

Selling used tires isn’t just about making a quick buck. It’s essential to ensure that the tires meet safety and regulatory standards.

I remember when I had a set of used tires that were slightly worn out, more than the acceptable limit. Instead of trying to sell them, I chose to dispose of them responsibly.


In conclusion, there are several great places to sell used car tires, each with unique advantages.

Remember the importance of responsible tire disposal, whether you sell to tire shops, online platforms, or local buyers.

Always ensure your used tires meet safety standards and opt for environmentally friendly disposal methods when possible.

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